Ready to Rise Through the Ranks with Panda Trucks?

At Panda Trucks, we're not just about hauling cargo.

we’re about building careers. We believe in taking a chance on talented drivers and offering them a clear path to success, with safety always being our top priority. Here’s what sets us apart:

Level Up Your Flatbed Skills (and More!)

Do you have a minimum of 2 years of flatbed experience and a hunger to learn? We do! At Panda Trucks, we see raw talent and potential, and we’re committed to helping you grow.

Sharpen Your Skills and Earn Your Stripes:

Join our team as a flatbed driver, and you’ll receive the support and training you need to master your craft. Our experienced mentors will guide you, ensuring you feel confident and prepared to tackle any challenge.

Unlock the Potential: Become an RGN Driver:

Demonstrate your dedication and skills, and you could be on the fast track to becoming a top-tier RGN (Rotator Gross Combination Vehicle) driver. We offer a clear path for advancement, rewarding hard work and excellence.

Ride in Style: Hit the Road in New Peterbilts and Kenworths:

Climb behind the wheel of the latest and greatest. Panda Trucks takes pride in providing drivers with a comfortable and reliable fleet. Imagine cruising down the highway in a brand new Peterbilt or Kenworth, the envy of every trucker out there!

Seamless Journeys with Our Support Team:

We understand the importance of efficient routes and clear permits. That’s why we have a team of amazing dispatchers who will work tirelessly to ensure you have optimized runs and all the necessary permits to get the job done smoothly. Our dedicated permit officer is here to assist you with any permitting needs, so you can focus on the road ahead.

Safety First, Always:

At Panda Trucks, safety is not just a value, it’s our guiding principle. We provide comprehensive safety training and prioritize creating a culture where safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Join the Panda Family: More Than Just a Job

We’re not just a company; we’re a family. Panda Trucks values its drivers and fosters a supportive and positive work environment. You’ll be surrounded by experienced professionals who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Show Off Your Skills and Be Part of the Panda Community!

We take immense pride in the work our drivers accomplish. Send us a high-quality picture of your truck and your load, and we might just feature it on our social media channels! Let the world see your trucking expertise and be recognized by your peers.

Ready to Take the Wheel with Panda Trucks?

If you’re a flatbed driver with a drive to succeed, we want to hear from you! We offer competitive pay, benefits, a clear path for career advancement, a team dedicated to your success, and the chance to showcase your skills with the Panda Trucks community. Contact us today and let’s chat about how you can join the Panda Trucks family and take your trucking career to the next level!