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Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul trucking is the hauling of oversize or overweight freight.


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We take immense pride in being your reliable and efficient partner for all your flatbed shipping needs across the entire United States.

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As a leading provider in the industry, we take pride in delivering unmatched solutions for moving oversized and heavy equipment to any destination.


Wide Load and Oversize Trucking Company

Heavy haul trucking is the hauling of oversize or overweight freight.

What is a flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer ⁠is a type of trailer with a completely flat trailer, or bed, with no sides or roof, allowing for easier loading/unloading of shipments.

What is a flat rack trailer?

A flat rack trailer ⁠is a trailer that doesn’t have sidewalls or a roof, which makes it easier to load/unload and carry shipments of different shapes and sizes.

What is a gooseneck trailer?

is a trailer with a long ‘’neck’’ that extends over the back of the tailgate and uses a ball hitch that is placed into the box of the truck.

What is a drop deck?

⁠is a platform with two deck levels, and no sides, no roof, and no doors. The lower deck can accommodate taller loads (up to 12 ft tall) than a regular straight-floor flatbed.

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