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Rest assured, your cargo is in capable hands. Each of our drivers holds a valid TWIC card and is expertly trained to handle the intricacies

Military Loads

Experience meets excellence. Each driver behind the wheel possesses an immaculate background and over 10 years of expertise

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Our Permit Specialists are available 24/7 to ensure safe and timely delivery

Common Trailer Types for OS/OW Freight

Heavy haul trucking is the hauling of oversize or overweight freight.

What is a flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer is a trailer with a flat, open deck without walls or a roof. It's commonly used to transport heavy, oversized, or irregularly shaped cargo that wouldn't fit in a closed trailer.

What is a Stepdeck Trailer?

A Stepdeck trailer, also known as a lowboy trailer, is a specialized type of trailer designed to transport taller cargo that exceeds the legal height limit for standard flatbed trailers

What is an RGN Trailer?

RGN stands for Removable Gooseneck Trailer. It's a specialized type of trailer designed for hauling tall, heavy, or oversized cargo that wouldn't fit on a standard flatbed trailer.

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