Master Your Daily PTI: Essential Tips for Thorough Truck Inspections

Performing a thorough Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of your truck on the road.

 Here are essential tips for checking various components during your daily PTI:

BRAKES: Begin by checking for missing, non-functioning, loose, contaminated, or cracked brake parts. Listen for audible air leaks around brake components and lines, and ensure the air system maintains pressure between 90-100 psi. Inspect for non-manufactured holes and broken springs in the spring brake housing section. Measure pushrod travel and ensure S-cam flip over.

COUPLING DEVICES: For trailers/converter dolly(s), inspect safety devices like chains/wire rope for strength and secure attachment. Check the lower fifth wheel for unsecured mounting, missing or damaged parts, and proper locking jaws around the shank.

FUEL AND EXHAUST SYSTEMS: Check fuel tanks for loose mounting, leaks, and missing caps. Inspect exhaust systems for leaks, excessive carbon deposits, and contact with electrical wiring or brake lines.

FRAME, VAN AND OPEN-TOP TRAILERS: Look for corrosion fatigue, cracks, missing or defective parts, and loose crossmembers. Inspect suspension air hoses and check for cracks, bends, sagging, or missing crossmembers on the frame assembly. Inspect all axle(s) for defects.

LIGHTING: Inspect all required lamps for proper color, operation, mounting, and visibility.

SECUREMENT OF CARGO: Ensure tail board security, end gates are secured, and cargo is properly blocked and braced to prevent shifting or falling.

STEERING: Check steering wheel security, telescoping, and tilt functions. Inspect for welds or cracks on steering components and ensure all components are securely mounted.

SUSPENSION: Look for indications of misaligned, shifted, cracked, or missing springs, loose shackles, missing bolts, unsecured spring hangers, and cracked or loose U-bolts.

TIRES, WHEELS, RIMS AND HUBS: Check tires for inflation, cuts, bulges, tread wear, and regrooved tires on steering axles. Inspect sidewalls for improper repairs, exposed fabric or cord, and markings excluding use on a steering axle.

By following these comprehensive tips, you can conduct a thorough and effective PTI to ensure the safety and reliability of your truck while on the road. Stay diligent and prioritize safety in every aspect of your daily inspections.