Master Your Daily PTI: Essential Tips for Thorough Truck Inspections

Home BLOG Performing a thorough Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of your truck on the road.  Here are essential tips for checking various components during your daily PTI: BRAKES: Begin by checking for missing, non-functioning, loose, contaminated, or cracked brake parts. Listen for audible air leaks around brake components […]

Annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspection Initiative Conducted by CVSA

Home BLOG The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck, scheduled for May 14-16, 2024 Is an annual high-visibility initiative focusing on inspecting commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) across North America. It’s a collaborative effort between law enforcement personnel, industry representatives, and safety officials. Their primary goal is to prevent commercial motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and […]

Panda Trucks: Your Secure and Efficient Heavy Equipment Transportation Partner

Home BLOG At Panda Trucks, we understand the critical role heavy equipment plays in driving your business forward. As a trusted partner, we specialize in the safe and efficient transportation of a wide variety of oversized and complex equipment, ensuring your project stays on schedule and within budget. Unparalleled Expertise in Heavy Equipment Hauling: Construction […]

Ready to Rise Through the Ranks with Panda Trucks?

Home BLOG At Panda Trucks, we’re not just about hauling cargo. we’re about building careers. We believe in taking a chance on talented drivers and offering them a clear path to success, with safety always being our top priority. Here’s what sets us apart: Level Up Your Flatbed Skills (and More!) Do you have a […]